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9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.22: New Email, Subversion, Test Import and REST CRUD

TargetProcess v.2.22 released and available for community edition customers already. It will go public in several days (we hope).

This release has remarkable changes in TargetProcess infrastructure. We completely re-wrote Plugins architecture and released new Plugins SDK. New Plugins based on a loosely-coupled architecture powered by NServiceBus framework. It is much easier to write a new plugins now and they are scalable. REST API is quite powerful with v.2.22 release as well, you can get, create, update and delete entities. Mashups enable changes in TargetProcess UI. As you see, this release is focused on new integration abilities of TargetProcess mainly.

New Views are really cool! You can inline edit everything. We thought out them with passion and crafted every little detail. Views are not complete yet, we are working on History, some Actions and some tabs UI. Anyway, this is a beta release and we would love to hear your feedback.

New POP Email Integration Plugin

Now inbound email integration comes as a standalone plugin which you can modify and extend.

With this plugin, inbound email integration setup is fast and easy. Now you can use one mailbox for several projects. See a detailed overview of the new Email Plugin in TargetProcess blog

Targetprocess Image

New Subversion Integration Plugin

Now profiles are not tied to projects, and mapping users is a much easier with the new UI. If you use one repository path for several projects, there’s no need to create multiple profiles. All revisions will bind to each entity as per comments for these revisions.

Targetprocess Image

New Test Run Import Plugin: NUnit, JUnit, Selenium

NUnit, JUnit, Selenium plugins are merged into a single plugin. The overall plugin configuration is made simpler, and you can easily check how Test Cases and Unit Tests map to each other.

Targetprocess Image

New Beta Views

Feature, Task and Test Plan Run views appear in this version.
They’re now available not only from Kanban and Teams Board but also from Release Plan, Iterations Plan and Assign People ('view info' icon), Prioritize screen and Task Board (double click).


REST CRUD API allows to create, update and delete any entity in TargetProcess. You can create new User Stories, Time, Tasks, Projects and even Processes Check REST CRUD API on TargetProcess development site for more details

Fixed Bugs

  • OnDemands crash if an Account with no config file is added
  • TP installation on localized OS fixed
  • Check Installation Tool: errors show as info box and don't abort installation
  • Update installation fail: Access to the "Common.Logging.dll" path is denied
  • REST: Authentication service could return admin's token for non-admin user
  • 'Source array was not long enough' exception
  • User Story's Time ToDo is not calculated correctly if Role for Task is other than for User Story
  • Views: [IE 8] Can not update effort/description after add/remove comment or description edit
  • Views: limited comment description length on REST side (no fixed limit now)
  • Views: Description area size in Edit mode too small and static (made larger and auto-expands now)
  • Views: Failure to insert image first into a blank description
  • Views: Display persons inside the Role group in alphabetical order
  • Views: Requester's comments should be highlighted in Green

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