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11 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.10 Released!

TargetProcess v.2.10 released yesterday. This release includes quite many features and was too long on my opinion. We will focus on shorter releases (about 6 weeks) starting from v.2.11.

The killer feature in v.2.10 is painless tags categorization. We've provided a framework that resolve many categorization problems, from Modules to several Teams in one project. It is possible to add tags to entities, filter and search by tags, see tags in lists and views. There is also exceptional Tags Board area where you can categorize entities easily.

The most important features in v.2.10 include:

  • Tags and Bundles
  • JIRA Integration
  • Next/Prev navigation in views
  • Convert entities from one type to another (for example, bug to user story)
  • Import custom fields values
  • Plugin: Auto-reply email when new request created
  • Plugin: Bind emails/requests to a project based on a [key] in the subject
  • Create custom field for several entities at once
  • Feature is the assignable entity now (it has own workflow, assignments, appears in ToDo list, etc.)
  • Help Desk Tickets

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