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9 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21.1 Released

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Company Name added to email notifications

If you use Help Desk Portal and your customers post requests there, they get email notifications (if configured). As of now they still see [TargetProcess] prefix in email subject and body. Starting from 2.21.1 your company name will appear everywhere in email notifications, if you set it up in Settings > General Settings.


New Comment Added Email Notification

Now you can configure the default process for any entity (bug, user story, request etc.) so users with certain roles get email notification as someone adds a new comment.

Features. Image 2

Fixed Bugs

#32404 Support: Find duplicate does not work for specific database
#32402 Unable to enter time remaining on Task Board
#32351 Custom field filter not working for our slash ("/") custom field
#32342 Error during serialization or deserialization using the JSON JavaScriptSerializer
#32136 SVN plugin: cannot change state to multi-word state in particular case
#31714 Process improvement: comment notification option added to entities

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