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8 years ago

TargetProcess v.2.21.5 Released

Brief summary of this article:

Version 2.21.5 has been released to our customers today.


There are two additions to existing functionality and a change in General Settings in the new version.

* We added filtering by person to Prioritize screen.

Now Scrum Master or Team Lead is able to easily prioritize Bugs, User Stories and Features for a certain TP user.

This option has been added to Prioritize screen filter:


* 'Email Settings/SMTP' area were moved to a separate page under 'System Settings'.

A new set of pages called 'Email Notifications' will include some new features we're currently working on. You'll see them in future releases.

Features. Image 2

* If User Story is converted to Feature, its Tasks get converted into User Stories.

Version 2.21.5 also fixes a big annoyance: User Stories were losing all their Tasks when converted to Features.  Now Tasks convert to User Stories within new Features respectively.

As usual, apart from functionality changes a number of minor bugs were addressed.

Fixed Bugs

#33351 User Story List takes too much time to load with more than 4000 Features in the system.
#33321 Custom Fields of drop-down type: selected value reset on entity edit.aspx.
#33270 Some stories missing estimate and effort fields on edit page (after making a pair role non-pair).
#33186 JIRA integration: resolutions with spec symbols not decoded and correctly recognized.
#32625 Time element not shown in audit history views.

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