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1 year ago

Update: Custom quick filters – Visual report improvements

Custom quick filters

We've added new filters that allow you to switch context faster, reduce the number of views in the system, and give those who set up views the ability to manage what filters users see next to the Projects and Teams selector:

Please, follow the link to learn more.

Visual reports: Formatting for numbers

In this release, we've added the ability to apply custom formatting to any numeric fields or calculations.
Now you can set the decimal places, specify the thousand separator, convert numbers to units, and add any characters as a prefix or suffix.

To open format settings, please use the dimension popup and click on the Formatting field.
Targetprocess Image

Visual reports: Custom sorting in Visual Tables

We have also added the ability to apply custom sorting in Visual Tables. You are no longer restricted to sorting categories just by alphabetical order, but can now also use any other criteria.
Example: You have a table with planned and completed effort in each Iteration and you want to show Iterations in ascending order by the Iteration start date.
To sort Iterations by start date try the following steps:

Minor improvements

  • The "Build" field has been added to Request entity.

Bug fixes

  • Cards no longer disappear from views configured with Team Iteration groups in lane
  • Partial terms application from names of other entities has been removed
  • Registration via an invite link now works correctly
  • Board views are now displayed correctly when moving cards between vertical lanes
  • Correct final state is now set when you drag-and-drop a card if a comment is required
  • Detailed view scrolling via arrows now works correctly
  • Batch action for inner lists now works in Internet Explorer 11
  • Relation's color is now updated on board view after relation type change between items
  • Visual Reports: fixed error if non-admin user tries to update report that was created by another user
  • Visual Reports: fixed group subtotal calculation if pivot is added to the table
  • Visual Reports: fixed error where custom field disappeared from the schema after changing source
  • Visual Reports: improved layout for long failed update messages
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