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We've completed implementation of nice usability improvement that makes workflow setup much easier. It will be released in v.3.4.3 in 1-2 weeks. Let me share this functionality with you.

New process setup is accessible from several places. The most obvious is Settings section:

Upcoming feature: Easier Workflow Setup. Image 1

Left menu replaced by processes list. Here you see all processes that exist in a system. It is nice that you can clearly see whether process is actually used by real projects. If not, you can safely delete the process. For every process you can setup Custom Fields, Terms, Practices and Workflows for all entities.

Central part dedicated to selected entity workflow. In this case you see a workflow for User Story. The good thing is that workflow imitate board columns, so you have great affordance and clearly understand how this workflow will look on a real board.

Upcoming feature: Easier Workflow Setup. Image 2

To add a new state, just put your mouse over some other state and you will see a green button near it. It is very convenient to add new states between existing states in a single click.

Upcoming feature: Easier Workflow Setup. Image 3

To rename a state, just double click on its name. To edit all state details, click on a Settings icon. Here you can very quickly setup all ingoing and outgoing transitions. In previous version when you added a new state, you had to open every other state and add transitions. Now it is right here with a single click.

Upcoming feature: Easier Workflow Setup. Image 4

Re-ordering states is very easy as well, just drag and drop required state.

Upcoming feature: Easier Workflow Setup. Image 5

Check this quick video to grasp all the main ideas of workflow customization:

We believe processes customization becomes much easier with this release and are really excited about usability improvements! As always, your comments are much appreciated!

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