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5 years ago

Upcoming Feature: Epics as one more hierarchy level

Brief summary of this article:

We are going to share solutions and concepts and accumulate feedback from customers on early stages. We've started to work on Epics functionality and here is what we are going to release in about 2 months.

Why Epics? Quite often Feature is not enough. For example, you have a large feature that takes 6 months to implement and you want to break it to 6 smaller features. Now if you do that, you will have 6 unrelated features, but in fact they should be tracked as a single entity and here you can create an Epic that includes all these features.


New hierarchy will look like that:


What's different about Epic? Here are the list of differences between Epic and Feature:

  • Epic can't be assigned to Release, so it can span several Releases.
  • Epic doesn't have Bugs
  • Epic doesn't have User Stories
  • Epic does have a list of related Features

Epics visualizations

It will be possible to have a list of requirements: Epics -> Features -> User Stories.

Epics visualizations

It will be possible to create board with Epics grouped by states and see Epics flow

Epics visualizations. Image 3

It will be possible to create Timeline with Epics

It will be possible to create a board that shows Features as cards and Epics as lanes

Epics visualizations. Image 4

We need your feedback!

What do you think about the solution above?
Do you have any specific requests about Epics functionality?
Can you provide scenarios how you are going to use Epics?

Thank you in advance.

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