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How to Embed Views and Reports to Dashboards

Use Dashboard to bring multiple useful Views and Reports to a single screen and allow users see them together.

Views and Reports are created as independent items in left navigation menu. Further they can be organized with Folders or embedded to Dashboards.

Embed Views and Reports to Dashboards using dedicated widgets.

Embed List views with Any List View widget. Embed Visual Reports with Any Report widget. Embed Burn Down Charts with Burn Down Chart widget.

Embedding of views and reports of other types is limited. So far views in Board, Timeline, One-by-One mode, Tabular and Predefined Reports can be embedded only via workaround with Dashboard Web Pages widget or via clickable hyperlink pointing to them.

Any List View widget

This widget allows you to add any List View into a dashboard. Up to top 30 items per each embedded list are shown in the widget.

Here is how to embed a list view to a dashboard:

  1. Make sure you have a List View or create it if needed
  2. Make sure you have a Dashboard or create it if needed
  3. Add Any List View widget to the dashboard
  4. Select the list from the options that drop down selector provides
  5. Customize how many top entities should the widget display.

Any List View widget

How to Embed Views and Reports to Dashboards. Image 2

If some view is missing in the views selector, please check whether the view is available for you in the left navigation menu and if the view is currently set to a List mode, as only Lists are available for selection.

Any Report widget

In a quite similar manner you can add any Report to a dashboard.

Any Report widget

The flow is very similar to the Any List widget:

  1. Create a Report;
  2. Go to the dashboard and add the Any Report widget;
  3. Select the Report from the drop down list.

Here is a dashboard with some custom Reports widgets:

How to Embed Views and Reports to Dashboards. Image 4

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