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How to import entities with Effort

It is possible to create and update work items in Targetprocess using CSV files as data source. This article describes how to import or update Effort and Role Effort values.

It’s possible to import both the total effort for multiple roles and the effort for a single role, depending on how many responsible roles you’ve got for an entity.

Let’s say, you have User Story with two responsible roles: Developer and Tester. In this case, the effort is split. For example, you want to import a User Story that has 12 hrs of effort in total, but the Developer effort is 7 hrs and the Tester effort is 5 hrs.

You should enter the effort in the following format:

(Developer) 7, (Tester) 5

The general format is:

(role) effort value, (role) effort value, (role) effort value

For a single responsible role, just enter the effort value:


Here is an example of how you can import a User Story and several Tasks. Note that User Story has two roles: Developer and QA Engineer


If there are two responsible roles for a User Story, be sure to specify effort for both the roles in the Effort column, otherwise Effort will not be imported.

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