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Import Requesters from CSV file

Targetprocess system has integrated Service Desk. External users log in to the portal and access their requests as Requesters. It is possible to bulk import accounts for Service Desk requesters. This article describes how to perform the import from CSV files. Several template files are available for download.

Here's how the typical CSV file with list of accounts of requesters looks like being opened in a spreadsheet editor:

Import Requesters from CSV file. Image 1

Files in CSV (Comma-separated values) format are commonly used to transfer data between spreadsheet editors (such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Sheets) and other software systems and tools.

Import from CSV files is one of the possible ways to create accounts for Requesters in Targetprocess. It is also possible to add them manually or rely on Inbound Email Integration plugin which automatically creates requesters using From: and CC: fields of incoming emails.

Import Requesters to Targetprocess

Targetprocess system contains all data about Requesters and their Requests. Integrated Service Desk provides access to these data to external users and does not contain any data inside. This is why you import Requesters to your primary Targetprocess system, not to the Service Desk.

Import Requesters to Targetprocess

Supported Fields and Formats

Here’s the list of the fields that can be mapped as columns during import:

ID123Update an existing Requester who has specified numeric ID. New Requester is created when ID value is blank or not mapped.
EmailVandrew.gray@company123.comMust be unique.
First NameAndrew
Last NameGray
CompanyCompany 123Used to split visibility of Requests in Service Desk portal by companies.

Attempt of automatic assignment of newly added Requester to an existing Company is performed when field is not mapped or when value in mapped field is blank.

Notes field in account details. Multi-line notes are supported. Use plain text format without HTML markup.
Phone(415) 555 2671


Phone field in account details.
Creation Date2017-06-23Set to the current day if not mapped. Cannot be updated for existing Requesters.
Custom FieldsOne column per each field.

Passwords are not set to newly created requesters. As a result they are unable to log in until they follow Forgot your password? link on the Service Desk login page.

Source field is set to Internal by default for all the imported Requesters.

How to perform the Import

Upload CSV file with Requesters data on the Settings > Import page. Then customize settings and map columns.

Find basic principles of importing CSV files in the dedicated article: How to import entities from a CSV file

Required Permissions

Administrators in Targetprocess can import Requesters by default.

Non-administrators can import Requesters if their Default Role has Add/Edit permission for Requester entity.

Download Template Files

Three template files are available below: basic, typical and full.

Import Requesters: Basic

This templates contains only required column which is Email.

Download File: import-requesters-basic.csv

Settings for import:

Import Requesters: Basic Import Requesters: Basic. Image 4

Import Requesters: Typical

This template contains commonly used columns: First NameLast NameEmailCompany. It could be required to perform manual assignment of new requesters to companies in the case when rules of automatic assignment do not fit your needs.

Download File: import-requesters.csv

Importing Company assignments

This template illustrates how to import personal assignments to Companies. Therefore as a prerequisite corresponding Companies must be created in the system settings. Skip the mapping for this field otherwise.

Import Requesters: Typical

More information on this step: How to manage Requests by Companies

Settings for import:

Import Requesters: Typical. Image 6 Import Requesters: Typical. Image 7

Import Requesters: Full

This template contains all supported columns: First Name, Last Name, Email, Company, Note, Phone, Creation Date, CRM Reference (Custom Field).

Importing Custom Field values

This template illustrates how to import Custom Field values. Therefore as a prerequisite the Text type Custom Field named CRM Reference must be added to Requester entity in the system settings. Skip mapping for the missing custom fields otherwise.

Import Requesters: Full

More information on this topic:

Download File: import-requesters-full.csv

Settings for import:

Import Requesters: Full. Image 9 Import Requesters: Full. Image 10

Known Issues

Entity Type column in CSV file

If exists: it must contain Requester value for each user. You'll need to make initial selection after the file is uploaded.

If missing: select Requester as type of entities to import before the file is uploaded.

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