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Filters for Time List views and visual reports

Here we describe examples of Advanced Filters that help to select, hide or highlight Time entries in your Time List views and Detailed Time Reports (Visual Reports by Time Spent).

The filters below refer to the data fields and properties of Time entity. More on the fields: Data Fields in Detailed Time Reports.

Time?User.FirstName is 'Alex'time records submitted by Alex
Time?Date >= Today-7(days)time records submitted within last 7 days
Time?Assignable.EntityType is 'Bug'time records of users who work on bugs
Time?Assignable.EntityState.IsFinal is truetime records submitted to completed entities
Time?Assignable.Iteration.IsCurrent is truetime records submitted to entities in current Iteration (Sprint)
Time?Project.Name is 'Navigation App'time records submitted to the entities in particular project
Time?Billable is 'true'billable time records; 'Billable' is checkbox custom field for Time entity

Filters for hierarchical lanes

If Time entities are grouped by Worked on (Assignable) or Person, the following filters and rules are helpful on the parent level.

Filters for hierarchical lanes

Worked on?it is not None and EntityState.IsFinal is false and Times.Count > 0hide 'No work item' rows, done items and entities without time spent entries
Person?Times.Where(Date >= Today-7(days))people without recently posted time entries
Person?Times.Count > 0people having time entries posted

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