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Filters by keywords and text patterns

In this article we gathered examples of useful Advanced Filters for Views and Visual Reports that help to select, hide or highlight data by keywords, phrases and text patterns in names, descriptions and comments.

These filters are helpful as a workaround when Search does not provide you with the results you need and when the exact filtering rule you need cannot be built using more simple and intuitive Basic Filters and Visual Filters.

To apply these filters, open an existing view from the left menu or create a new view. The filters should be inserted into the Filter input box in view setup and not to the Search box.

These filters work when you set up a view with Assignable entities (such as User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Requests, Features etc.) as well as work scope entities (Releases, Sprints or Iterations, Team Iterations, Projects, Programs).

Name?"abc" in Name


entities with "abc" in name
Description?"abc" in Description


entities with "abc" in description
Description?Description is Noneentities with blank description
Comments?Comments.Where(Description.Contains("abc"))entities with "abc" in comments
Name?not "abc" in Name

?not Name.Contains("abc")

negative filters

exclude entities with "abc" in name

Description?not "abc" in Description

?not Description.Contains("abc")

negative filters

exclude entities with "abc" in description

Description?Description is not Nonenegative filter

exclude entities with blank description

Comments?not Comments.Where(Description.Contains("abc"))negative filter

exclude entities with "abc" in comments

The filters can be effectively combined with each other. To combine filters, use the AND, or OR operators with brackets. The following filter may help you to find cards (entities) with Names, Descriptions or Comments containing the required pattern:

?Name.Contains("keyword_123") or Description.Contains("keyword_123") or Comments.Where(Description.Contains("keyword_123"))

Here's a list of all supported operators:

isequal to
is notnot equal to
==equal to
not indoes not have

Filtering users by names

Users do not have single Name field. Instead, each User entity has two fields: FirstName and LastName. Please apply filters to these fields.

User?LastName is 'Brown'users having last name 'Brown'

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