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How to setup auto reply to requesters

You can set up an auto-reply generic message, letting your customers know that their request has been accepted. There is a special plugin for that, called Auto Reply To Requester.


Being logged in as Administrator user, find it in SettingsPlugins page, in the Old Plugins section.

At first, click Add profile.


Specify the profile name, sender’s email address, select project and set the send reply rules. Remember to click Save & Exit.

You are welcome to modify default message in the body and subject line. Here’s an example from our own experience. We have different workflows for product issues/questions and ideas. The support team is responsible for issues/questions, and they are committed to reply within one business day. Ideas (feature requests) are reviewed by the Product Owner without any SLA for response. Obviously, it would make sense to have a custom auto-reply, one for issues, and one for ideas. So, we’ve added the following condition:

#if ($Request.RequestTypeName == "Idea") 
Your idea #${Request.ID} "${Request.Name}" is accepted. 
#else Your request #${Request.ID} "${Request.Name}" is accepted. 
You will be notified about any progress related to the request. 

Need help filling in the email template body? Check Markup Guide.

Here’s what the Send reply when the request source is section is about: an auto-reply will not be sent if the drop down value for a source is 'False'. All the requests coming from Help Desk Portal and Inbound Email Integration are of the External type.

When you are done with the profile, you can optionally use Send Test Notification button.

Do not forget to enable your profile:

How to setup auto reply to requesters. Image 2

Setup plugin for multiple projects

You should create multiple Auto Reply to Requester profiles to configure project-specific auto-reply emails.

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