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How to configure Google OAuth for Email Integration Plugin

Google OAuth is a safe and secure way to connect Email Integration Plugin to GSuite/Gmail account. This article will describe how to do that step-by-step.

  •  Open, click on the list of the projects in the top bar and choose New project in the pop-up.

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    Give your project a name. Let’s name it “Email Integration”.

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  • Go to OAuth consent screen. Select the type of application you'd like to create. GSuite users can create both Internal and External applications while ordinary Gmail users can create only External application.

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    Put the name of the product in the field “Application name” and save it. It is possible to use the same name as your Project — “Email Integration”. It will be displayed on the list of apps that have granted permissions to use google account.

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  •  Open Credentials tab and  click on +Create Credentials in order to add OAuth client ID

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    Please choose Application type Web application, set random name for this client ID and configure Authorized redirect URI in as


    where {account} is your Targetprocess URL.

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    After you create OAuth client Id you will receive clientID and clientSecret which will be further used instead of credentials on Targetprocess side so you need to save them somewhere.

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  • Now open your Targetprocess account and go directly to Settings >Plugins > Project Email Integration. You can create a new one or use the existing profile. In the configuration you need to choose Google OAuth in Secure access method dropdown. After it's done you can fill out Client id and Client secret values with the ones you got in the previous step.

    Targetprocess Image


  • Finally, you can click Sign in, choose email we've configured our application for and confirm that you want to give permissions for this app to access your mailbox.

    Targetprocess Image

    If we have created External application on step 2 we might get error "This app isn't verified" during sign in. In this case we need to click "Advanced" and "Go to (unsafe)"

That's it! Now your Email Integration Plugin is connected to the mailbox using Google OAuth.

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