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How to Communicate with Users Using Comments and Emails

Targetprocess allows you to post Comments almost to any entity. For example, when you open a User Story's detail page, in the Comments section you can click "+Add Comment" to write a new Comment:

How to Communicate with Users Using Comments and Emails. Image 1

When you enter a Comment, you have the option to Notify by email different types of Users:

  • Owner - the person who created an Entity;
  • Assigned people - all the Users who are currently assigned to the Entity;
  • Project Members - all the Users that are the Members of entity’s Project.

These options are available only if you have Email Notifications enabled. The email address to be used for messages is also specified under Settings → Email Notifications:

In addition to that, Workflow email notifications can be configured to email other types of Users (Settings → Processes → [Process Name] → Notifications):


See "How to set up Email Notifications on various events" for the details.

Editing and Deleting Comments

It is possible to Edit or Delete your own Comment. To do so, hover over the Comment and choose from the following options:

Editing and Deleting Comments


In some cases you want to be sure a particular person will read your Comment. Type @ sign with the first letters of user’s name and select the appropriate person to Mention them:

Mention. Image 1

By Mentioning the person in your Comment, they will receive an email notification.

Replying to Email Notifications

A User who received an email notification can reply back to the Comment from his mailbox. This functionality is not available by default, a special Email Integration Plugin should be configured. The main purpose of this Plugin is to create Requests from incoming emails. Another aim of the Plugin is to attach Comments to all the types of Entities.

To help the Plugin match Comments and their Entities, every outgoing email has the line "--- Please do not remove this line! CompanyName Ticket#123 ---" in the bottom. It is important to keep the line when you post a reply back to Targetprocess.
For the detailed information check "How to set up Inbound Email Integration".

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