Test Case Run and Test Plan Run results

When a test plan run has been executed, you can find it’s results in several different places throughout Targetprocess.

Test plan run results

Entity Test Plan run results

As soon as a test plan is created for an entity a new Test Plan section will become visible in the right section of an entity view, so that you can quickly overview test plan details. To open a test plan view, click a test plan details icon in this section.

Here we can see how many test plan runs are created for a user story test plan and what the last run results are. From this panel you can create a new test plan run or continue executing the existing one if it is the only test plan run in progress.

Test plan view

Open a test plan view (you can do this from a view where test plans are selected as cards or lanes) and go to the Runs tab. There you’ll see all the test plan runs executed for this test plan with it’s run results. It will show how many test cases have been passed, failed, skipped, remain on hold and blocked in every test plan run and allow to compare the results.

Test plan run view

Open a test plan run view (you can do this from a view where test plan runs are selected as cards or lanes or from the Runs tab of a test plan view) and go to the Test Runs tab. Here you can see all the test case runs - which were executed in a test plan run - with their run results.

Board / Details / List / Timeline view modes

Create a view, where test plan runs are selected as cards and test plans are selected as lanes. On the Customize tab of the view select one of two ‘Run Results’ units to be shown on your cards.

Now you see how many test plan runs were created for a test plan, how many of them have been executed already and moved to the final state (they are grayed) and how many of them are ready to be executed or in progress. You can also group them by State in vertical lanes to see it in glance.

On every test plan run card you can see how many test cases were passed/failed/skipped in this test plan run.

You can also switch to a List View to see these results in more convenient way.

Switching to a Timeline view you’ll find the information about the duration of every test plan run execution.

Test Units for Entities

Similar to Test Plans, you can now select test units to be shown on entity cards on views. For example, you can add Test Cases, Run Results and Last Run Date units to see how many test cases are in a related test plan, view the latest run results, and determine when it was last executed:

  • Jessica Healy

    Is there a way to sort the completed test run by results? Eg, if I only am concerned about failed or blocked results, how can I easily view those out of the overall results?

  • Slava Volov

    Hi Jessica,

    I’d recommend you to use Custom reports for that. Here’s the video for you with two examples – with failed Test case runs + grouping and advanced report with inner list.


    You’re welcome to add more filters to a report to focus on specific area / project / release / etc..

    Yours sincerely,
    Slava Volau
    Targetprocess Customer Care

  • Jessica Healy


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