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How to attach files and images to test runs?

Q: Is it possible to attach files and images to test runs?

I'm asking because we make screenshots of our regression test results and would like to add those to the test run in Targetprocess. When we do a new test run for a certain test case we now do have the possibility to add attachments, but those files are attached to the respective test case, not the test run. We see the previously attached test results and that is not desirable. I would like to be able to add my test results to only that specific test run.

A: Attachments for runs of test cases and for the ones of test plans work differently in Targetprocess.

Test Case Run

When you attach image or file to the Test Case Attachments area of the currently executed test case during test run - it is attached to the origin test case, not to current test case run. So basically the screen shots from all runs will be attached to one and the same test case. And it is not possible to attach a file only to a particular test case run.

Test Case Attachments

In the meantime, for an individual test case run it is possible to upload an image (screenshot) within text editor of Final result area.

Final result

Test Plan Run

If you attach a file or an image to the test plan run - it is attached only to a particular run of the plan and not to the origin test plan. Use Description tab of a test plan run to access its images and attached files.Test Plan Run Description

Test Step

It is possible to insert images to test steps within text editor uploaded. It is not possible to upload files of other types to test steps.

Test Step Run

You can't attach neither images nor files at test step run level.

Summary table

Entity typeDescription (Images only)Attached files and images
Test Planyesyes
Test Caseyesyes
Test Stepyesno
Test Plan Runyesyes
Test Case Runyes*

Final result field


Access to Attachments of Test Case is provided

Test Step Runnono

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