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How to Grant Access to Other Users’ Timesheets

Project Managers may want the option to check the timesheets of team members to get an idea of their progress. In such situations, a dropdown list can be made visible in the timesheet interface to allow particular roles to view other users' timesheets.

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This can be confusing for users with Administrative access, as other users' timesheets are not automatically visible to them. Timesheet access is instead based on Role settings and Project membership.

To configure this, first you will need to open the list of available roles (Settings → Roles → [Role Name] → edit). Within the details view of each role there is a chexckbox to 'Allow access to time sheet' that will be checked or unchecked. If your default or project role does not have the box checked then you will be unable to view other users' timesheets.

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Usually the Project Manager and Top Manager roles have this checkbox marked but the particular settings in your account may differ from the default.

The next step is to find out whether your role in a given project allows you to access the timesheets of other members of this project:

If you do not belong to a project as a user, you will not have access to its timesheets.

No project membership

Here, you can manage timesheets in Project A but cannot do so in Project B.

Roles in Projects

Membership in cross-project Teams is not taken into account when determining these permissions. Only Project membership matters. Change your Role in the membership list for these projects as necessary.

As an Administrator, you can freely assign yourself to any Project as a Project Manager. To do so, set your Default role properly then expand the 'Assign to Project' interface to modify assignments.

Assign a user to projects

Once this has been changed, in the timesheet interface you will see a dropdown user list in the upper right corner. Select a user to see and modify his/her timesheet.

Dropdown to see timesheets for other users

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