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Users may be assigned to any work item in Targetprocess. The list of roles available in Assignments can be customized as well.

By default any User Story can be assigned to Developers and QA Engineers, Tasks can be assigned only to Developers, etc. However, you might want to add more roles to your unique process, for example, Designer or Consultant.

Targetprocess allows you to configure almost any role combination for all assignable entity types (i.e. User Stories, Tasks, Bugs, Features, Requests and Test Plan Runs).

Let's have a look at a sample User Story. The Assignments area is shown in the right column.

Targetprocess Image

Two roles are available for assignments here: Developer and QA Engineer. Developer has the ability to specify estimated Effort, while QA Engineer does not.

The following changes to this area are possible:

Changes can be made by Administrators only.


When users are assigned to an entity, they become able to change the state of the entity even if their role has no 'Edit' permissions regarding entities of this particular type.

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