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11 years ago

TargetProcess 2.17: what’s new

As we're working on the major winter release, let's take a closer look at some selected new features that appeared in TargetProcess 2.17 so far:

1. Custom fields in Time Sheet:

Targetprocess Image

2. Custom Reports Editing:  you can now click Save As and edit some selected criteria without creating this report from scratch as it previously was:

Targetprocess Image

3. Quick add Test Cases: now it's possible to add a Test Case right from User Story view. Several clicks saved:

Targetprocess Image

4. Items count in Kanban board columns:

Targetprocess Image

5. Much requested "no release" filter has been added to User Stories list. Now you can filter out the User Stories that are not included to Releases:

Targetprocess Image

6. Much requested as well -  logged user full name is now displayed:

Targetprocess Image

7. Change Password functionality added to Settings:

Targetprocess Image

The new prioritize screen, improved searchEclipse/Mylyn integration also appeared in TargetProcess v 2.17.  We'll keep you posted of the updates.

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