Targetprocess v.3.11.6: Miscellaneous features and bug fixes
3 years ago

Targetprocess v.3.11.6: Miscellaneous features and bug fixes

Terms for Program and Project

For those of you who need the ability to rename the system terms used for Project and Program entities, we are glad to announce that you can finally do so.

Terms for Project can be set up individually for each process, while the term for Program is global and applied system-wide:

Inline Edit for Planned Dates, Teams, Multiple Selection Custom Field

Planned Start date, Planned End date, Teams, and Multiple Selection Custom Fields are now available for inline editing on List views:
Inline Edit for Planned Dates, Teams, Multiple Selection Custom Field

Time Quick Add for Board and List views

We have improved support for Time in views. You are now able to not only see Time cards, but also add time right from Board and List views:

System Custom Field

You can now create fields that can only be modified by the Targetprocess system. You may need this when using metrics: if you create a target Custom Field for a metric and set it as 'System field', it won't be available for editing by users. You can find the new option for 'System field' while creating or editing custom field:


Minor Improvements

  • You can now import Users with Custom Fields
  • Views can now be starred as Favorites from view setup
  • Redesigned the top filter for views
  • You can now search for entities by ID if the '#' symbol is in the beginning of the ID

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issues with incorrect terms applied to Lists in entity details windows.
  • Improved system performance when a Team Workflow is modified.
  • When a User Story is reassigned to another Team Iteration, its child Tasks with the same Team Iteration will also be moved.
  • Turned on prioritization in views if Requests are displayed with other entity types.
  • Fixed incorrect User Story effort calculation when it is calculated as a sum of Task effort.
  • Removed the sorting icon for Calculated Custom Fields in List view headers.
  • Fixed incorrect rounding of Assigned Effort for Iterations on Board views.

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