Targetprocess v.3.12.8

1 year ago

Targetprocess v.3.12.8: Simplified Team/Project assignments, SSH support in Git plugin, improved Hide Empty Lanes, Visual Reports improvements

Simplified Team/Project assignments

Managing team members’ access to Projects just became easier. We now offer a straightforward choice: you can give Team members access to either everything inside a Project, or to the Team's work only:
Simplified Team/Project assignments
If you want to give full Project access to specific Team members, choose Team work only and assign selected members to the Project individually from the Project’s People tab.

We made sure that nobody received unwanted access or lost their permissions while migrating your Project-Team assignments to the new mechanism. We only used the Entire Project option for those Team-Project pairs where every Team member was assigned to the Project, and 'Auto-assign new people' was enabled. You can pick a default option for future assignments in General Settings:
Simplified Team/Project assignments. Image 2
You can learn more about managing Users in Projects and Teams here.

SSH support in Git plugin

We know you’ve been waiting ages for us to implement SSH support in our Git plugin—and we’ve certainly waited long enough to bring the functionality to production (sorry!). Finally, we are lucky enough to introduce it. You can now connect to your repository using SSH key pairs. Keys can be uploaded or generated by the plugin itself. Note that you can only use keys issued in an OpenSSH format.
SSH support in Git plugin

Improved Hide Empty Lanes

You will no longer have to scroll through a bunch of blank pages while using Hide Empty Lanes, or create weird filters to eliminate empty lanes. We’ve reworked its implementation to automatically hide empty pages.

Merge of Requesters and Targetprocess Users with the same email

We've merged Requesters and Targetprocess Users who have the same email in order to avoid confusion. All requests have been migrated to Targetprocess users, so when you log in to Service Desk, you will see all the requests you've ever created at the My Requests tab, regardless of whether they were created via email, Service Desk, or directly in Targetprocess.

Visual Reports: chart filters

We've added more possibilities for filtering in Visual Reports. Now, instead of being restricted to only filtering source data, you can also easily filter aggregated data on charts. To find and apply these post aggregation filters, open a chart in edit mode and click the "Browse and Filter” button, then go to the “Chart data” tab.

Let’s say you have a chart that shows the total number of requests created daily over the last 2 months, and you need to filter out days where the count of requests was higher than usual (for example, higher than 30). The initial chart is shown below:
Visual Reports: chart filters
To filter chart aggregated data, try the following steps:

One more piece of good news is that you can now see which filters are currently applied to your chart or source data while browsing data on the chart.

Visual reports: support for terms

Targetprocess terms (including your own custom terms) are now applied everywhere in Visual Reports.
Visual reports: support for terms

Visual reports: Team State added to the list of fields

It's now possible to add a Team State field to charts. Please note that this field is hidden by default in the fields list. To use it on a chart, you must first select it from the "Add field or formula" button.
Visual reports: Team State added to the list of fields

Visual reports: new functions in calculations

There are now some new functions available in calculations: PERCENTILE, MEDIAN, and TEXT_AGG.

TEXT_AGG (text expression) can be applied to categories only. It combines all corresponding values of categorical variables for data points into a single value.

MEDIAN (numeric expression) returns the median value in a numeric data set.

PERCENTILE (numeric expression, percentile value in range 0...1) returns the value at a given percentile of a data set. The 50th percentile — that is setting PERCENTILE to 0.5 — is equivalent to using MEDIAN with the same data set.

Visual reports: redesign and some UI changes.

We've changed facets a bit on the Y axis, leaving it more compact and user-friendly. We hope you will like these changes.
Visual reports: redesign and some UI changes.
Thumbnails for templates have now become even more beautiful and detailed.
Visual reports: redesign and some UI changes. Image 11
Also, in the scope of improving UX for the field setting popup, we've reviewed the order of fields according to their importance and priority. As a result, we have moved the Calculation field up, and put the Annotations field at the bottom (as it less commonly used).
Visual reports: redesign and some UI changes. Image 12
Visual reports: redesign and some UI changes. Image 13
You can find more info about these and other new features for our Visual Reports engine here.

Minor improvements:

  • Board column separators have been replaced with a proper resizer
  • Search syntax has been added to the Search screen
  • The link in Entity Field units will now take up all the available width in List views
  • Redesigned the inline edit popover
  • Made it easier to copy IDs on views
  • The modifier in follow notifications will now be displayed on the assignment creation event
  • 'No EntityType' rows on Lists will now stand out from actual cards
  • Task and Bug axes have been added to Relations cards

Fixed Bugs:

  • Filtering by TestPlanRun children will now work properly
  • Search terms in quotes will work as expected
  • Items from inactive projects will no longer be taken into account in filters
  • Embedded images will no longer be lost after another entity is created from a request
  • Searching by the exact phrase will now return the expected results
  • Search: Equal terms will be grouped in the Entity Types selector if their multiple form is different
  • When you're not allowed to move a view to a Folder, the view will fall into its previous place
  • Search: Team Iterations will be blue in the Entity Type panel instead of grey
  • If any of the Teams or Projects that a Folder is shared to are deleted, users will still be able to move their views or create a new layer inside the original Folder
  • Custom units for checkbox custom fields will no longer be cut off on cards
  • Entity View: Fixed an issue where you would be unable to get a list of available teams if any Teams are mentioned
  • Forecasted End Date is no longer missing from Project view
  • It will now be possible to copy text using Ctrl+C on One-by-One views
  • Visual Reports: trendlines and annotations will now be displayed in charts that have been exported to PNG
  • Visual Reports: It will now be possible to edit color for dates in the legend when period scale is selected

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