Batch Actions

Suppose you have 15 work items, and you need their State, Release/Sprint to be changed and a new common Tag assigned. There used to be several ways to do such a massive update, but all of them were tedious or time consuming. But not anymore!

Now, as soon as you select more than one item, you will notice a blue button which opens the Batch Actions Panel. The only exception is Team and User Allocations - they can't be modified in bulk.

batch select

Batch Actions are just one method of batch data update in Targetprocess. Find other available methods in this dedicated article: How to migrate or import data to Targetprocess from other project management systems

What fields are available in the Batch Actions Panel?

Starting with v.3.9.2, you can change State and Tags for a group of entities selected on a Board or a One-By-One View with just a few steps.

The Batch Actions Panel is designed to suggest all editable fields that the selected items have in common. This means, if you are trying to change a parent Feature for a batch of User Stories, but you accidentally include a Request card in your selection, then you won't be able to complete the action. You need to make a homogeneous selection in order to change specific fields. For example, if I select several Bugs and Epics, then I could change their State and add a Tag... but I won't be able to update Iteration or Severity, because Epics don't have such properties.

The same is valid for field values. In the State selector, I will only find states which are valid for all cards in my selection. If my Epic and Bugs have absolutely different states and transition rules, then I won't find any options available for selection in the State field.

Batch on Board

Starting with v.3.10.0, you can apply a lot more changes to a set of cards. Move several items to another Project; change their Release, Sprint, or Team Sprint; update the drop-down Custom Fields; change their parent Feature or User Story; assign several entities at once to a user.

batch assign

In v.3.10.1 we added the ability to reset or set new efforts for a group of selected cards. Only roles which are common for all selected cards are available in the Batch Actions Panel. Here, you can set a new effort number, or reset it to zero. If you see a certain number in the Effort field, it means that all cards in the selection have the same effort set. The 'Set new' placeholder implies that there are different Effort values already set for the different cards (if the selection is for a given role).

batch effort

You can also be able to batch attach any Targetprocess entity to a group of cards as a Relation.


We've also added support for Custom Fields: Drop-down lists, Text, Number, Date, Checkbox, Multiple selection

Batch Add Comment

You will now be able to batch add comments from the Batch Actions Panel to a group of selected items on a Board view.

batch add comment

  • Rob Forster

    Need the ability to batch update dates.

    I thought we would finally get this from reading the latest release notes: “Added the ability to batch update ‘date’ custom fields.” but this is not working, as follows:

    I have 3 tasks in my board view. All have different Planned Finish dates (2 are set to different values, 1 is blank). Need ability to set all 3 to a common finish date. Same for Planned Start Date.

    Currently don’t see the ability to change date fields in batch edit area, on Version

  • Andrey Metelsky

    Hi @disqus_f1I6bcQitg:disqus

    Batch Date fields updates will be possible in future, but it`s hard to say even approximate estimated time when it`s implemented.
    You can vote for corresponding idea so we can notify you when it`s possible to edit planned createend dates
    In our latest release notes is said that there is ability to change custom fields with “Date” type, not native fields though.

  • Rob Forster

    Thanks Andrey. I’ve voted for that one already, and actually was a beta tester.

    The work is just iterating through slowly…hope to get these dates included soon as dates are key for managing work

  • Tom Dean

    Need the ability to batch convert request to other entity type. We often, daily, capture client requests in a meeting with client, mature the request and then depending on size/request need to convert these to User Story / Feature for managing according to their own entity workflow.
    Is this change in the backlog somewhere, for TP?

  • Julia Pastushenko

    Hi Tom,

    This change has not been planned yet, but here an idea you can support:

    Best wishes,

  • Thomas Bindzus

    I wish it was possible to update build as a batch action, are there any plans to support that?

  • Andrey Metelsky

    @bindzus:disqus You can create a board with Build selected as card and update several cards as a batch action:
    Please let me know if there are any issues with it.

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