My Recent: Last Modified and Browsed entities

Every Targetprocess user has faced the challenge of quickly finding some entity which they recently viewed or modified. To simplify this process, we've added a special My Recent selection to the views list so you can quickly find the entities that you've opened or edited lately.

Available in Targetprocess v3.10.7+

Last Modified Tab


The Last Modified tab shows the 15 most recently modified items which you own, and the 15 most recently modified items which you are assigned to.

The system helps you to stay aware of recent modifications you might be interested in. Only modifications made by other users effect the list, not your own.

If you have not browsed an entity since it has been modified, then the 'unread' mark appears near the name of the entity.


You can dismiss the 'unread' marks multiple ways:

  • Click on an entity in the list to open its popup view and check detailed changes;
  • Click on a green circle to dismiss the mark only and skip the detailed popup;
  • Click the Mark all Read button to dismiss all the unread marks at once. The entities themselves remain in the list, only 'unread' marks disappear;
  • Open the detailed view of corresponding entity from any other Targetprocess page.

Here are icons used in My Recent view and their meaning:

crownEntities for which you are listed as Owner at the moment.
crown-nolongerEntities for which you were listed as Owner in the past.
unassignedEntities from which you were unassigned.
deletedDeleted entities.
gray fontEntities for which you no longer have access - for example, because they were moved to another project you're not a member of. Or you lost membership in the project or team that contains them.
open-assignmentsOpen Assignments shortcut allows to quickly navigate Open Assignments tab in your personal profile and view list of entities assigned to you.

Entities appear in the Last Modified tab when the Modified Date is changed for them. Adding Comments is not processed as modification.

Browsed Tab


In the Browsed tab, you can find a list of entities you've opened recently.

Entities are not appended to the Browsed tab when you open them from Search results.

User and Requester entities are not shown in the My Recent widget.

Entities cannot be cleared from the My Recent tab. Instead they are replaced with more recently changed and browsed items.

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