Basic Filters

Basic Filters for Views and Visual Reports help to select, hide or highlight data. Basic filtering is simple, clear and works a lot like Google; you just type keywords and filter cards by name or numeric ID.

Basic Filters are applied to Filter and Visual Encoding input areas in Views and Visual Reports.

In Board views you can filter lanes (columns and rows) as well. For example, if you have selected the State column, you will only see cards in the in-progress state:

In List views you can filter cards and hierarchical lanes. In Timeline views you can filter cards and columns.

You can filter for two or more different keywords using comma. Quotes surrounding your phrase are used for exact matching.

Here is how it exactly works:

What you typeWhat you get
restName contains 'rest'
rest uiName contains 'rest' and Name contains 'ui'
"rest ui"Name contains 'rest ui'
rest, uiName contains 'rest' or Name contains 'ui'
rest, complex listName contains 'rest' or (Name contains 'complex' and Name contains 'list')
234ID contains '234' or Name contains '234'

If you want to apply some advanced filtering rule try rather intuitive Visual Filters or embrace the full power of Advanced Filters instead.

  • Nicole

    Hello, what’s the difference between the filters “rest ui” and “rest ui?

  • Sergey Gnedin

    @disqus_4L8T3uE3wM:disqus “rest ui” (two double quotes) means exact match, so it will return only items where ‘rest ui’ in listed.
    “rest ui (one double quote) works the same way as rest ui (no quotes at all). So, it will also return an item called rest build or anything containing the symbols in query

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