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Basic Filters

Basic Filters for views and Visual Reports help you to select, hide, or highlight items. Basic filters work a lot like Google; you just type keywords and filter cards by titles, or tags, or numeric IDs.

Basic Filters are applied to the Filter and Visual Encoding input areas in views and reports.

Here's how filtering works:

What you typeWhat you get
regressionName or Tags contain 'regression'
bluetooth holdName or Tags contain 'bluetooth' and Name or Tags contain 'hold'
234Numeric ID starts/ends with '234' or Name/Tags contains '234'

Filters for swimlanes and hierarchy levels

To filter swimlanes (columns and rows) on Boards, hierarchical levels in Lists, lanes on Timelines please modify view settings. To do it, navigate Actions > Set up view > Setup tab.

Kanban board can be adjusted to show just one column with cards in the in-progress state:

Targetprocess Image

Use Cases

Basic filters help to quickly find items by titles and tags:

  • User Stories, Bugs on team work boards, scrum and kanban boards, sprint planning views - for Developers, QA Engineers, Scrum Masters
  • User Stories, Bugs, Features in prioritized backlogs - for Product Owners, Business Analysts, Researchers, Designers, Architects
  • Features in program backlogs, PI planning views, product roadmaps - for Project Managers, Product Managers, Release Train Coordinators, Release Train Engineers (RTE).
  • Epics, Initiatives, Portfolio Epics in portfolio backlogs, portfolio roadmaps - for PMO, Top Managers
  • Requests in support ticket queues - for Support People, Client Services, Developers, Product Managers
  • User Stories, Bugs, Features on team views - for Support People, Client Services
  • Bugs in defect lists, Test Plans, Test Cases in test management lists - for QA Engineers, Testers, QA Analysts
  • Users in People List - for Administrators

Advanced Filters

If you want to apply some advanced filtering, try our rather intuitive Visual Filters or embrace the full power of Advanced Filters instead.

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