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People List View

This article describes how to create views in Targetprocess showing people as cards. It also contains some productivity tips and best usage practices.

The views are helpful for Administrators and users with authorized roles such as Project Managers, Team Managers. These users can manage accounts and change personal account settings for other users.

People List View

People view is the view showing Users as cards. Most likely the view already exists in your left menu. If it is missing, create the view from template.

To open the personal details view for any user, find a user's card in the view. Double click the card. Select the Account Settings tab to view and edit Personal Account Settings.

One By One view mode

One by One view mode is a rather efficient one when you reviewing personal settings for many users. The view is divided into two parts. On the left side, you'll see user cards. Once you click on any card, on the right side personal details of the selected user are displayed.

Quick Filters

If you have many users in your system, on the People view it is possible to apply a quick filter to find a required user. To search, just type first letters of the first or last name of the user to the filter area above the view and press Enter. All users that don't match your search become hidden.

How to create a Custom view for People?

You can create your own private or public custom view with user cards ordered or filtered in a specific way. First, click the Create View button for a new view. On the Setup tab select User as card type you want to see.

You can sort user cards by the following attributes:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Creation Date

You can filter user cards by using the following criteria. More advanced filters can also be created by using different combinations of the criteria.

  1. Account Settings Criteria:
    • ActiveDirectoryName
    • Email
    • ID
    • First Name
    • IsActive
    • IsAdministrator
    • LastName
    • Login
    • Password
  2. History Criteria:
    • CreateDate
    • DeleteDate
    • ModifyDate
  3. Allocations Info Criteria:
    • WeeklyAvailableHours

The following are samples of filters for users:

Smith'Smith' in first name or last name
?Role is 'Developer' or Role is 'QA Engineer'developers or qa engineers
?CreateDate > today - 365(days)added this year
?LastName.StartsWith('D')last name starts with 'D'
?IsActive is true and IsAdministrator is trueactive admins

Role in filters and lanes here means the Default Role of users.

See our Filtering guide for more details on Advanced filters.

You can set the following lanes for your Custom view for Users:

  • CreatedDate (view-only View)
  • Project (for distributing People by Project)
  • Role (for distributing People by Role)
  • Team (for distributing People by Team)

Add Users via inline Quick Add

On views that display people as cards or lanes it is possible to add Users inline. Examples of such predefined views are People, People by Role, People by Project, People by Team, and Work by Person. All these views can be created from Templates.

Click the green [+] buttons that appears on mouse hover in cells, columns and rows for this purpose.

Targetprocess Image

Inline Add card to cell on Board view

Targetprocess Image

Inline Add row to Board view

Targetprocess Image

Inline Add row to List view

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