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Visual Filters

Visual Filters for Views and Visual Reports help to select, hide or highlight data when the keyword search using more simple Basic Filters does not fit your needs. Visual Filters are easy to understand and effective. You can create rather smart queries with them and you don't need to learn any special language like you do with sophisticated Advanced Filters.

Available since Targetprocess v.3.7.10

Visual Filters are applied to Filter and Visual Encoding input areas in Views and Visual Reports. Visual Filters are incompatible with Search input box.

Now it's much faster and easier to create queries. When you enter the input field a dialog immediately appears with a list of possible filters for your data. This filter list has many of the fields you’d normally get from the auto-suggestion when manually typing ‘?’ into the input.

Let’s say you want to see all the cards from the current release. Click in the filter box, and the new visual filters will display automatically.  Then click the grey “Any” text next to release and you will see a list of choices to filter releases by. Choose one, and it will be immediately added to the filter.

Visual filtering by Custom Field values is not supported in the initial release and will be added further. Use Advanced Filters for this purpose.

When you’re done building the query, just click the “Apply filter” button to filter the cards.

Combinations of filters

Filters by different fields (properties) are automatically combined with AND rule. Filters by different values within single field (property) are combined with OR rule.

Visual Filters vs Advanced Filters

Not all filters can be composed with Visual Filters. Some filters cannot be displayed in the visual way. For more complex and sophisticated queries against your data use Advanced Filters instead. Start manually typing the filter query for this purpose.

To switch input mode from Advanced to Visual clear the text in Filter input box. The Visual filter wizard will appear.

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