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Task / Test Case Template

This mashup (custom add-on) helps you to create a set of Test Cases or Tasks and add it to any User Story at once. It works for any project, any team and any process.

The mashup adds a tab to the User Story view. From this tab you can create templates that contain tasks or test cases you need to apply to multiple user stories. After you create the template and the Tasks and/or Test Cases that you would like to use, they can be applied on any user story by going to the Template tab and selecting Apply Template.


The mashup can be activated by Administrators of your Targetprocess account. Install the mashup from the Mashups Library. Navigate Settings > Mashups menu item for this purpose.

After installation, reload Targetprocess page in your web browser. Request your colleagues to perform the same action if the mashup doesn't appear for them.

Configuration and Usage

Add new templates

Any user can add new templates. Open any User Story - there will be a new tab called 'Template' in there. Clicking on the plus symbol would expand the template name, with an inline option to modify it:

Targetprocess Image

It's possible to populate template with Tasks, add Test Cases, including Test Steps, and edit the list at any time:

Targetprocess Image

For example, this is how the template with two test cases can be configured for "Check web browsers compatibility" tests:

Apply templates

Any user can apply templates. In a user story details view, open Template tab. Select the template with tasks and test cases that you would like to add to your user story. Use 'Apply Template' button.

All your Tasks and Test Cases will appear on the User Story view:

If you use this mashup, and you add an extra task or test case or test step, your changes won't be copied through to all existing user stories. Your change only affects stories to which you apply the modified template starting from a moment after your changes are made and saved.

Modification and deletion

To modify or delete an existing template, expand it with arrow icon.

Administrator can add new templates and modify all existing templates.

Non-administrator users can add new templates. Also they are allowed to modify only templates they personally added. Modification of templates created by other users is not allowed for regular users.

See Also

Find out more ways to prepopulate a User Story with Tasks based on a template.

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