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Time Tracker Mashup

This mashup adds a start/stop time tracking option to the Targetprocess menu bar.

Time Tracker Mashup. Image 1

It displays all assignables that can accept time entries for the current user that meet the following criteria:

  1. The EntityState is not final.
  2. Is in a current iteration or is in no iteration and the EntityState is not initial.
  3. The responsible role for the current state of the item matches the role that the current user is assigned as.
  4. The item is not filtered by other options (see below).

Items are grouped by project in an accordion layout and there is a Recently Worked On section that shows the last 5 items that the current user selected that are still valid to work on based on the above rules.

When a user selects an item from one of the lists, the current time is stored along with the item id. The menu item changes to a highlighted state to indicate that you are actively working on something and the item will now be displayed at the top of the list. The storage is checked whenever the mashup loads so that even if you logout and log into another browser session it will show the correct current status of what you are working on. Once you select a different item or click on the currently active item it will calculate the difference between the start and end time and update the time spent/remaining on the item. If you work on the same item multiple times in a day it will update the time entry instead of adding a new one to prevent the generation of multiple input cells in the time sheet. The start and end timestamps are also recorded in the description of the time entry.

Time Tracker Mashup. Image 2


The mashup can be activated by Administrators of your Targetprocess account. Install the mashup on the Mashups settings page. Navigate Settings > Mashups menu item for this purpose.

The mashup is not listed in the common library so far. Instead, please obtain the source code from here: User Contributed Mashups > WorkingOnTimeTracker and install it using the guide: Install code of a mashup manually.

This mashup has been contributed by one of our users rather than by Targetprocess developers. Because of that the support of this mashup is quite limited. Install and use it on your own risk.

After installation, reload Targetprocess page in your web browser. Request your colleagues to perform the same action if the mashup doesn't appear for them.

Customization and Settings

The mashup supports a couple options that could be configured; however, they are not currently exposed via the UI. You can adjust the default options by changing the options section of the mashup.

options = { maxRecent: 5, projectFilter: [] }

The maxRecent option controls how many items to remember for the Recently Worked On section. The projectFilter option allows you to specify project ids that should be excluded from the list of items to display.

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