Service Desk widget configuration

Service Desk widget configuration

Apart from the full Service Desk application, we offer a simplified widget that you can embed to your website or any other page. It can be useful if you do not need the full Service Desk application, or if you just need your users to submit issues, ideas, or questions without leaving your site.

The widget is configurable. Depending on what you need, it can as simple as just a single line with a subject:

Service Desk widget configuration. Image 1

Or, it can include additional fields such as description, request type selector, privacy selector, attachments, and even display a "Top x ideas", where you define the number of requests to display. You can also define whether requests will be private or public by default.

Service Desk widget configuration. Image 2

In order to embed the widget to your site or application, all you need is to provide a link to your Service Desk that will be displayed in a frame. Parameters are passed in the URL to the widget.

To let the widget work correctly, your service desk settings should allow registration of new requesters. Set New users can register on their own option to checked.

Service Desk widget configuration. Image 3

Supported options

Field NameTypeDefaultRequiredNoteExample
product_idnumbern/ayesDefines project/product where all feedback from widget is submitted to…/widget?product_id=123…
emailstringn/ayesDefault owner of the request submitted via the widget
Note: You can get the email of the logged user to your site or application and pass it to the url


firstnamestringn/anoFirst Name of default owner…/widget?...


lastnamestringn/anoLast Name of default owner…/widget?...


show_top_requestsbooleanfalsenoShow/hide panel of requests that have the most votes…/widget?...


show_request_typesbooleanfalsenoAllow users to select type of request, ex issue or idea…/widget?...


show_descriptionbooleanfalsenoShow/hide description field…/widget?...


 show_attachmentsbooleanfalsenoAllow users to upload attachments to requests…/widget?...


 default_is_privatebooleanpublic*noDefines if request should be private by default
*If the Service Desk is in private mode, the field is not available


 default_request_typenumberfirst availablenoDefines default Request Type by provided id. Usually 1 is for issues, 2 for ideas…/widget?...


top_requests_countnumber10noDefines how many top requests to show, works only with show_top_requests=true…/widget?...



show_emailtextfalsenoAllow users to specify their email address. If the email is not set, Default Author parameter will be used…/widget?...


So the full link with all the parameters may look something like


Not very convenient to use, right? That's why we also added a compact way to pass the parameters. Instead of using the full parameter name, you can specify just the values in the same order as the parameters are listed in the table above.


This opens a widget for a product with id == 123, shows Top Requests and request types, hides description field and attachments panel, defines requests to be isPrivate = false by default, defines default request type with id == 2, and defines number of requests to show == 5.

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