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Request Types

Custom Request types increase the number of scenarios that the Service Desk can be used for.

Available in Targetprocess v3.10.8+

You can manage requests of any kind: Customer Support tickets, Idea Management, and anything else you need: from an IT request to replace a mouse, to Project Requests for Portfolio management. Alternatively, you can simplify Idea Management by removing all Request types except for "Idea".

Request Types

Scope of custom Request Types is global. The types can be customized by Administrator in Settings > Request Types page.

Default type

All new Requests that are submitted within Targetprocess UI are added with first found type.

When you delete some type, all Requests that already have this type are re-assigned to another type which is selected as first found right after type deletion.

Change type of requests

To modify type of single Request, edit it on the detailed view of the Request. Click on the type and pick new value from the corresponding dropdown.

To modify type of multiple Requests it is possible to use drag and drop action. For this purpose please set up a board view. The view should display Requests as cards and Type as lanes.

Advanced Filters by type

These Advanced Filters for Views and Visual Reports help to select, hide or highlight Requests by types.

Request?RequestType.Name is 'Idea' or RequestType.Name is 'Question'Ideas and Questions

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