Help Desk and Service Desk FAQ

What is the Help Desk and Service Desk?

Both are free products developed by Targetprocess. They allow you to handle tickets (Requests) submitted by your customers (Requesters).

Help Desk was released in 2008 and had a UI update in 2014. Service Desk is a new version of the software. It is based on the same mechanics as the old Help Desk, but has better UI and more features. Read more on the Service Desk here.

You can technically have both versions at one time and switch from Help Desk to Service Desk (though there is little sense to switch the other way).

Do I need a Targetprocess license to get into Service Desk ?

No, you don't. No extra licenses are required for Requesters, as they do not have access to Targetprocess. Requesters submit tickets through the Service Desk web interface.

How to activate Service Desk

In Targetprocess On-Demand, you can activate Service Desk from Settings > Service Desk.


You need Administrator permissions to do so. Also, the Help Desk practice must be enabled in the Process settings of your Project.

On-Premise customers can have it installed in two ways: either as an IIS application or as a Docker container

Which projects are displayed in Service Desk?

Not all projects appear in Service Desk automatically. If you want some of your active Projects to appear in the Service Desk, login to Service Desk as a Targetprocess user with administrator permissions and go to Settings -> Projects - > Custom Fields.


Alternatively, you can go to Targetprocess and set the "Product?" parameter to True at the individual Project details page.

Can I use it without Targetprocess?

No. Targetprocess is required for using Service Desk. Besides, we recommend support staff or whoever is processing the Requests to work from Targetprocess, not Service Desk. All administration, merging, and state-changing is done from Targetprocess. By the way, here is a nice article on how you can use Targetprocess for customer support.

How can I access Service Desk?

Once enabled, Service Desk will be available at

Old Help Desk Portal URLs usually look something like this: _account_name

Can I login to Service Desk with Targetprocess credentials?

Yes, you can. However, please note that Targetprocess users and external requesters are still different users. In case you have the same credentials, you will be logged in as a Targetprocess user. So if you were using the old Help Desk, you may see some difference in the My Requests list. We are going to merge those users to avoid confusion.

You can't also use your Active Directory logins if you have Windows authentication configured for your On-Site Targetprocess. Only email/password of Targetprocess User or Requester can be used to login into Service Desk.

If you're using Single Sign-On - Targetprocess user must be added to Single Sign-On exceptions list to be able to log in to Service Desk.

Is it open-source?

We are going to make Service Desk open-source in the future, but at this moment we are actively working on it, so if you make your own branch, you might have to update it very often.

You can, however, download the source code of the old Help Desk from Github and modify the files however you want. Note that a customized Help Desk will have to be hosted on your own server.

  • Gabriel Fonseca

    Can i restrict the view of products for my clients? In the first moment, in my tests, i can see all products of the company.

  • Andrey Metelsky

    @disqus_nUYOZgWzC1:disqus It`s possible using Companies, so Requesters that don`t belong to certain company that is assigned to Project won`t be able to display requests from this Project. Please check this article for details:

  • Cristina

    Hey, is there any way I could configurate TP so that the Requester will automatically get a notification when I change the state of the Request?

  • Sergey Gnedin

    @disqus_NwRg8htyck:disqus It is possible, but only for the “owner” of the request – a person who originally submitted it, but not for those who were added as requesters later. See… for details.

  • Cristina

    Hei Sergey
    Thanks for your reply. I think this should do the trick as well.


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