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How to import entities with Custom Fields

You import entities with Custom Fields the same way you import other entities in Targetprocess with the exception of a few additional rules you must take into account.

To find all custom fields used in your process, navigate to Settings → Processes → [Your process] → Custom Fields

To import the list of User Stories with Custom Fields into Targetprocess add the additional values to the *.csv file you are going to import. Use spreadheet editor to modify the file, and then save it as a *.csv file.

For the example below, you’ll need to add an additional column to the *.csv file and provide the custom field name and value.

Targetprocess Image


To import a user story with the “Location” custom field, add the “Location” field name to the first line of the *.csv file and add its value, let’s say “United Kingdom,” to the second line.

Targetprocess Image

You can import from the User Stories List page or from Settings → Import page.

You have to obey proper format of provided values in the file you import.

Custom Field TypePossible Values / FormatExamples
TextAny text valueTargetprocess
Rich TextHTML code of the rich text you want to importto import “Text for test” left align text put

<div style="text-align: left"><strong>Text for test</strong></div>
Drop-Down ListValues that are available as options in a custom drop-down list. Missing values can be set as well.United Kingdom
Check BoxTo have the check box checked, put True

To have the check box unchecked, put False



URLLabel and URL address, space-separatedTargetprocess
Template URLURL address parttargetprocess




NumberAny number321
MoneyAny number, without currency symbol added321
TargetProcess EntityEntity ID

Entity ID and Name


#5 Technical Specification

System custom fields do not appear in the list of mapping configuration during Import.

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