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Cannot Prioritize Cards on a View

In Targetprocess you can change card priority (rank) using drag-n-drop. By default you have to hold Shift so that prioritization takes effect. However, in some cases the system might not allow you to prioritize. There could be several reasons for that.

Prioritization is disabled

Prioritization is turned off for this particular view. Check view settings and switch to prioritize tab:

Prioritization is disabled

In order to change the setting you need to be the view owner (or co-owner) or have administrator permissions.

Cards should be sorted by Rank in view settings

Prioritization won't work if cards are sorted by any property but Rank on a view.

Here's how the cards Sort option should be set in the View Settings -> Setup tab:

Sort cards by Rank

That is natural if you think of it. If your cards are sorted by some other parameter, like creation date, we cannot change the rank by dropping the card between two other ones.

In order to change the setting you need to be the view owner (or co-owner) or have administrator permissions.

List view is already sorted by some other column but Rank

One can sort entities in lists by clicking on a column name  now, and alternate ascending/descending order. Prioritization is disabled when a list is sorted by values within one of the columns. A column sorting has actually three modes available:

  • Sorted ascendant
  • Sorted descendant
  • Unsorted

So click your column header several times to let the items become Unsorted. Then the prioritization will be enabled again.

Sorting in Lists

Entity type doesn't support prioritization

Some cards cannot be prioritized at all since ranking is not applied to them. We really hope you do not use our software to prioritize users (as human beings). It also refers to Teams, Releases, Iterations, Team Iterations and Builds.

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