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How to communicate with Requesters using Comments and emails

Comments are the primary means of communication with the Requesters (i.e. customers and stakeholders) in Targetprocess. When a Support Person writes a comment, the customer can do either of the following:

  • Simply reply to the email
  • Reply to the comment in Help Desk Portal

Email is the simplest option for the customer.

Communication Workflow

As a Support Person, you get a new Request and reply to it with a Comment. You can select among three check boxes to identify the recipient(s): Owner, Assigned People and Requester(s).

Comment Notification

These options are available only if you have enabled Email Notifications.

When writing a comment, you can use the toolbar. This toolbar provides for formatting functionality such as bold text, italic, and strikethrough, allows adding bulleted lists, images, and hyperlinks, and also allows you to see and edit the comment source.

To send images and attachments with a comment, simply drag&drop them into comment area.

To allow your users to reply to comments using emails, you'll need to have a standalone mailbox with POP3 protocol support and set up Inbound Email Integration in Targetprocess settings.

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