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How to get an Email Notification when the State is changed

By default, Targetprocess does not send email notifications for state changes. However, this can be customized.

This article describes automatic email notifications configured in Process Workflow settings. More information on other kinds of email notifications can be found here: Notifications

The settings are customized per process.

Configure Settings

Settings can be modified by Administrators and Process Admins.

To receive an email notification when a state is changed:

  • Navigate to Settings → Process setup → [Your process] → Notifications. On the ChangeState tab, you will see all of the states associated with your chosen entity.
  • Expand the desired state, and you will see a list of Roles. Select the Roles to receive a notification when this particular entity enters this state:

In the above example, all users who are Developers in a project using this process will get an e-mail when User Story enters the In Progress state.

There are currently no notification options for when entities exit a state. Notifications can only be triggered by entering the state.

Along with all of your defined Roles, there are also three special options listed here: Owner, Project Member, and Assigned User. By selecting Owner or Assigned User, the owner of the entity or all the users assigned to that entity will receive a notification. Selecting Project Member will trigger a notification for every team member for that project — regardless of their role.

To enable email notifications for various events in Targetprocess, you must first enable notifications and, if you use on-premise version, define an SMTP server.

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