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Notifications help you to send messages and alerts to the responsible people when some important events or changes happen in the system. Notifications are a good alternative to views and dashboards. To stay aware your colleagues do not have to visit key views on regular basis. Instead, they receive updates just in time.

In Targetprocess, there are email notifications of multiple sources: the ones configured in Notification Rules setup, Process Workflow settings, Following / Watch subscriptions, notifications optionally sent on Comment submission and @mentions. Push Notifications sent into mobile client apps are also supported. Automatic notifications can be also sent to external (third-party) services such as Slack using Webhooks (Deprecated. Please consider using Automation Rules feature instead).

Email Notifications

Notification Rules

Notification Rules allow you to keep track of changes to Targetprocess entities by configuring and sending email notifications.  In the current version, only administrators of an instance can set up notifications for any other Targetprocess user.

Here you can configure notification rules based on Projects. Each of these rules defines when (it's 'Action'), whom (it's 'Recipient'), and where (it's 'Channel') to send the notification to:

Notifications frequency is locked between 20 seconds and 3 minutes. We group all the notifications and send them after certain time (at least 20 seconds) elapses since the last change occurred to you:

More information on Notification Rules:

Process Workflow Email Notifications

Targetprocess can be configured to send email notifications when something happens or changes in the system. For example, when an entity is created, assigned to a user, or commented on by someone.

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Notifications of this kind are configured per Process. Before making changes it worth to check what Process does your Project follow.

Process Workflow notifications are configured by Administrators. Users cannot subscribe and unsubscribe from them at the moment. To control and sort incoming emails, users are welcome to set up rules and filters in their web-hosted inboxes or in the mail client programs.

More information on Process Workflow Email notifications:

Following / Watch Email Notifications

This feature allows a user to subscribe to a specific entity and receive digests about changes and updates related to it by email. For example, a developer may follow a User Story and receive notifications about its effort changes, new comments, new attachments.

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You don’t need to follow entities one by one. When you follow a high-level planning item such as Feature, Epic, Release, Sprint, Team Iteration, Project, you’ll automatically receive updates with all nested work items such as User Stories, Bugs.

When you follow a high-level planning item, updates about Tasks will not be included into the notification. To receive information about Tasks, you need to follow their parent User Stories or Tasks themselves.

When you follow some entities, you will receive email notifications with all important updates in these entities every 2 hours.

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Administrators and Project Managers cannot add a member as a follower of an entity (user stories, tasks, bugs, etc). However, it is possible to configure scripts for automatic subscription. How it works: when a user is assigned to any entity (e.g. User Story, Feature, Bug, etc.), the script subscribes the user to the entity as a follower. Scripts are configured via Webhooks: Subscribe owner (creator) user as a followerSubscribe assigned user as a follower. Webhooks process entities that are created after the moment when a webhook is configured.

It is also not possible to view list of followers within UI. List of followers can be retrieved from the system within REST API call only.

More information: Follow / Watch entities

Email Notifications optionally sent on Comment submission

When you enter a Comment, you have the option to Notify by email different types of Users:

  • Owner: the person who created an Entity
  • Assigned people: all the Users who are currently assigned to the Entity
  • Project Members: all the Users that are the Members of entity’s Project
  • Requester(s): all the Requesters who are currently assigned to the Request

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The notifications are sent upon selection made with special checkboxes below comment addition form. The settings of events are independent from Process Workflow notifications, while templates are shared with them.

More information: How to Communicate with Users Using Comments and Emails

@Mention people and teams in comments

Sometimes while adding a comment you need to be sure that a particular person or whole team will read it. Just mention the person or the team you need in your comment and they will get an email notification.

It works very similar to Twitter mentions. Type @ sign with the first letters of user’s or team’s name, then you will see a list of matching options. Select one you want. You can mention several people in a single comment for sure.

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A person who was mentioned in the comment will receive an email notification with a full comment text:

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More information: @Mention people and teams in comments

Push Notifications in Mobile apps

Never miss an important work item again - unless you want to of course. You’ll receive notifications on your phone’s home screen when you are assigned or unassigned to an entity, when the state of an item you are assigned to changes (e.g. from “in progress” to “done”), and when you are mentioned or replied to in an entity’s comments.

Push Notifications in iOS application

Push messages are similar to others in your notification center.

They will also be displayed as a gray notification at the top of the application when it is running in the foreground.

Download and install Targetprocess iOS application

Push Notifications in Android application

All notifications are shown in one place, so they're easy to find.

Download and install Targetprocess Android application

Automatic notifications within Webhooks

The Outgoing Webhook plugin allows you to configure automatic scripts (triggers) that listen to changes happening with Targetprocess entities in real-time. When an important event occurs the webhook script sends relevant notification to an external web service (URL) immediately. Using the Webhooks plugin, you can create your own integrations with:

  • third-party services (e.g. Slack or Zapier)
  • your own service
  • with Targetprocess itself

Only Administrators in Targetprocess can add new and modify Webhooks.

getting started guide and more advanced details related to the usage of Webhooks are available on our Developers portal.

Display alerts from Targetprocess in Slack

It is possible to make Targetprocess send a notification to a specific Slack channel when an entity (for example, a Request, User Story, or Bug) is created in a specific project.

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In our developer's portal, you can read how to properly configure Webhooks both on the Slack side and Targetprocess side.

Browser Notifications

Push notifications and alerts for web browsers are not supported at the moment. As a workaround, we recommend using some other helpful solutions. See here: How to View My Personal Recent Activity

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