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Default Role

  •  How can I provide permission to a non-administrator user to create new projects, programs, teams or users?
  • The permissions of a user's Default Role can allow them to Add these types of entities.

What is a Default Role?

For most Users in Targetprocess, permissions for access to entities are granted by their Role settings. When users try to modify entities within their Projects, the permissions of their role in the Project is checked. The same principle works with Teams membership as well. More information: Permissions for work items.

However, entities such as Project, Program, Team, User themselves are not parts of any Project or Team by nature. To control access to these entities there is special Default Role. Every user has a Default Role assigned. Permissions of the role are checked when he or she tries to create or edit a new project, program, team, or user.

Currently selected Default Role is shown in Personal Account Settings.

What is a Default Role?

When a user is assigned to a Project or a Team, the assignment is made with his or her Default Role. Roles in Project or Team membership list may be freely changed further.

Giving a User permission to create Projects, Programs, Teams or Users

Create a Role

In order to give a user permissions to add new projects and programs, the Targetprocess administrator must create a role with corresponding settings. Some existing role may be modified instead. All users that already have said role will be given these permissions.

In the Roles list we create a role with the name "Program Manager".


Then we mark "Add" checkbox for the Project and Program entity types. The same may be done for the Team and User entity types if needed.

Create a Role

Then we save the settings for the role, and the role appears in the Roles list:


Select Default Role for a User

The next step is to select a Default Role for the user. We need to edit his personal settings and make her a Program Manager:

Select Default Role for a User

That's all! Now the user is allowed to create new Projects and Programs in your Targetprocess account.

How Default Role affects roles in Projects and Teams

When you change the Default Role for users, their roles in Projects and Teams are preserved.

However when you make new assignments of users as members to Projects or Teams, they become assigned with their updated Default Role. Another role may be selected later in the People lists for Projects and Teams and on the Projects & Teams tab in personal account settings for each user as well.

Default Role for New Users

All Targetprocess users always have a Default Role selected. By default, if none is explicitly selected, first Role from the list of available ones is set as Default Role for all newly added users.

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