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System User

The System User account is mainly used to connect Targetprocess to other applications and integrations. This user is always active and has Administrator permissions and can be used for REST API and deprecated SOAP API access to the Targetprocess application. However, you cannot login under its credentials via graphical user interface (GUI).

In order to establish any integrations where System User credentials are used you must set it's password.

How to change System User Credentials?

You will stumble upon the System User tab in Settings → Authentication and Security. Don't forget to save your changes immediately.

How to change System User Credentials?

It might be pretty tempting to tweak this value, but first let’s see how it’s used and how it can impact your work.

Configure Helpdesk portal for access with System user credentials

The System User account is mainly used to connect Targetprocess to Help Desk Portal. See the Help Desk web.config file, the <appSettings> section:

<add key="AdminLogin" value="System" /> <add key="AdminPassword" value="_your_password_" />

If you are an On-Demand customer, there is no way you can apply these changes to the configuration file by yourself, so you need to coordinate them with Targetprocess is hosting HelpDesks for on-demands, and it’s our job to update the web.config file.

Can I set my administrator user login as System user?

We strongly do NOT recommend this. The HelpDesk portal will work just fine, however, this particular user will receive no email notifications. The reason is, Targetprocess will treat all the HelpDesk activity as actions made by this active user and therefore will send no notifications.

Also, if you specify your active user in System User Credentials section, you may experience some authentication problems for Add-ins, such as Visual Studio and Mylyn.

If you have some custom SOAP API code with the System User authentication, remember to apply any changes you’re making to System User Credentials there as well.

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