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5 years ago

Targetprocess 3.6.0: Dashboards, Graphical Reports and Test Plan Run Results Freezing

This major release focuses on better information visualization and insights. With Dashboards and Custom Graphical Reports you have a powerful tools to see deeper and understand more about projects, team, work and plans.

Please, give us feedback about these features. We are going to improve them in the next couple of months based on your real needs.

Custom Graphical Reports

Reports should be used to see aggregated data and progress over time. So far you can create line charts, bar charts and scatterplots. Facets are supported as well, so you can group information by various categories and compare projects, teams, features, see trends in cycle time, quality and many other areas.

For example, the report below shows user stories (circles) for every team and for the last four months. Each small chart shows Effort vs. Cycle Time correlation. You see what teams create larger user stories, what team completes stories faster, what team has less consistent estimates.

Targetprocess Image

Reports are really flexible, check documentation to create your own report:

Reports Setup
What you should know
Advanced topics
Use Cases


Dashboards help to aggregate information from various sources and show it in a single place. In Targetprocess you can create as many dashboards as you want: for a single team, for QA, for development tracking, etc. Explore some use cases.

There are three sources of dashboard widgets:

  1. Predefined widgets in a library
  2. Any List. You can create a List and drag and drop from left menu to a Dashboard.
  3. Any Graphical Report. Create a report and drag and drop it from left menu to Dashboard.

Targetprocess Image

Read the guides about Dashboards:

Use Cases

Test Plan Runs results freezing

The freezing possibility allows to keep test run results unchanged forever. Now you can easily re-use existing test cases and test plans for testing a newer version of your software, even if it requires some modifications, and not to worry about loosing the historical information. Read more about test runs results freezing.

QA Area enhancements

We've made a lot of small improvements on test plan and test plan run views. We believe they will make it easier to work with test cases and test plans, execute them and see run results.

Now on a test plan view you can see a new list of test plan runs, from where you can quickly start a test plan run execution. There is a new section on the right, where you can create a new test plan run with just a single click and see how many open test plan runs there are right now.

On a test plan run view you can see a similar section on the right and quickly start or continue a test plan run execution. There is also a number of open and total bugs in this test plan run and current run results. A new Start/End Date unit has been added for test case runs and test plan runs, so now you can see when an execution was started and whether it's already completed.

Audit history is now available for a test case run, so it's easy now to see who made changes in it.

Left menu changes

We've accumulated feedback about left menu problems and are fixing them now. Some improvements included into this release.

Only owner/admin can change groups/views order
Previously anyone could change order of Groups and Views in the left menu. It lead to confusion since many users had different ordering and it was impossible to create a solid structure of company wide Groups. Now only Admin can freely change order of public Groups and Views. Non-admin users can still re-order their private Groups and Views.

NOTE: Order of Groups in your left menu will change with this update as a side effect of this change.

Action: Delete Group with all its Views
Sometime you want to delete a Group with all Views inside this Group. Now you have an action that does exactly that. Use with care:

Targetprocess Image

List improvements: Inline edit for Team, Project and Custom Fields

In this release you can edit more fields in Lists. Team, Project and some types of Custom Fields (Date, Drop Down, Text and Number) are editable now.

Targetprocess Image

Requester entity in Views and Lists

Now you can create lists and boards that display Requesters entities.

Targetprocess Image

Minor improvements

  • Search by Test Steps fragments.
  • TFS plugin: added a custom synch interval option.
  • TFS plugin: support the on-demand TFS service
  • Customize cards: added 'Initial estimate' unit for Features.

Fixed bugs

#97114 Fixed posting decimal time records for cultures other than en-EN
#96236 Prohibit from creating custom fields which names start from a number
#93675 Test Cases / Test Case Runs View layout is broken when there's not enough space
#93533 Unexpected View opens after another one removed
#96546 Duplicated processes appear in custom reports if non-admin is both a Project member and a Team member
#97518 Improved performance of the view related to proper processes and custom fields selection
#97925 'Time spent/remaining' unit fixed to fit the M-size cards
#97271 Fixed the link to the entity if it was added from the List view
#84510 Fixed Team/Project selector in the quick add form on Relations tab of the entity view

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