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How to configure settings of Service Desk

This article describes how to to configure settings of your Service Desk portal for Targetprocess.

The article is composed for Administrators of Targetprocess accounts primarily.

General Service Desk Settings

Targetprocess hosted in the cloud / On-Demand package

To activate Service Desk or modify its general settings open Targetprocess Settings > Service Desk menu item:

Targetprocess hosted in the cloud / On-Demand package

The Help Desk practice must be enabled in the Process settings of your Project.

Alternatively, you can access settings from the Service Desk itself.

Login to Service Desk as an Administrator user. Click on your User Avatar icon, then navigate to Settings menu item > General Settings tab.

On-Premise / On-Site package

These accounts should not have Service Desk link in Targetprocess System Settings at all. Service Desk is installed and configured separately.

Login to Service Desk as an Administrator user. Click on your User Avatar icon, then navigate to Settings menu item > General Settings tab.

Projects and Custom Fields Settings

Not all projects appear in Service Desk automatically. It is possible to select which existing Projects and Custom Fields are available in Service Desk, and which remain hidden for internal use.

Login to Service Desk as an Administrator user. Click on your User Avatar icon, then navigate to Settings menu item > Projects and Custom Fields tab.

Projects and Custom Fields Settings

The link to this page is available from Service Desk settings page in Targetprocess as well.

Alternatively, you can go to Targetprocess and set the "Product?" parameter to True at the individual Project details page.

Not all Projects appear in the list. The list includes only Projects with the Help Desk practice enabled in the settings of related Process.

These settings make Projects and Custom Fields visible or hidden in the Service Desk. Use Targetprocess application to add or manage Projects, Custom Fields, workflow states and types of Requests.

Email notifications for Service Desk users

Find detailed information in the dedicated article.


  • Can we customize Add Request form and configure templates for Requests?
  • It is not possible at the moment. We gather feedback related to this missing capability. As a partial solution you can configure Custom Fields on Add Request form.
  • How can I have different custom fields for Ideas, Questions and Issues in Service Desk?
  • It is possible using quite tricky multi-step workaround. The reason is that Custom Fields in Targetprocess are configured per Process and not per Request Type. It means you can start gathering feedback from your users within 3 different processes and split projects: for issues, ideas and questions separately.
  1. Create 3 processes in your Targetprocess system settings: 'Ideas', 'Questions', 'Issues'
  2. Customize custom fields in each process
  3. Create one project with corresponding name per each process
  4. In Request Types settings remove all types of requests and keep just one default type with common name (for example 'Service Desk Ticket')
  5. Customize public and privately used Custom Fields in Service Desk settings
  6. Make the 3 projects public for Service Desk

See also

More information on how to use the Targetprocess + Service Desk combo can be found here.

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