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Customize cards on Boards and Lists

You can customize the look and size of cards on a view, and configure cards to have them show you what you want. You can make cards appear smaller or larger, and have them include more or less units. A card unit is an element that has some information about the entity represented by this card. For example, a User Story card will include units such as points, owner, and last comment.

To start customization from the view builder, navigate to the Customize Cards tab.

Customize settings for already existing views

To customize an already existing view, press the Actions > Set up view link in the view header, then open the Customize Cards tab.

Only Administrators and view owners are allowed to customize settings for existing views.

If you want to change the configuration of cards on a view you are not an owner of, you can clone this view. Then, open your new private copy and change its settings as you want. Share the new view with your teammates using the Access tab.

Customize Cards wizard

Here's how the Customize Cards settings screen looks:

Customize Cards wizard

The sizes are listed on the left, the card under construction is shown in the center, the units are shown on the right. Use drag-n-drop or simply double-click on a unit to build the card the way you need.

Select size

5 sizes are available for all the cards in a View. Each size corresponds to a relevant zoom level.

Select size

You can uniquely configure any card size:

  • XS - only basic info, just one line. It can be a card name or ID.
  • S - a bit more info fits in here: two lines, e.g. a card name and avatars of assigned people.
  • M - still more info: three lines. It can be a card name + tags + avatars and time spent.
  • L - this size is for the detailed info. Click on a “+” button on the card bottom to add unlimited number of lines.
  • XL - a maxi stretch fit. That is how a card looks in the list-like mode.
  • List - displays maximum info in minimum space. Unlimited nested lists are allowed.

Any card comes with a tooltip showing how the card looks if customized to the L-size.

Customize cards on Boards and Lists. Image 3

Select units

The list of units is an entity type specific. You can switch between the cards if there are several entities displayed in a View.

Select units

There are general units available for all types of entities, such as the entity ID or Name, and there are type-based units available for a certain entity type, for example a Severity unit for Bug.

Custom fields are also available as an option for customizing the look of cards. If a custom field is critical, someone would definitely want to have it displayed on cards as on a board. Custom fields with the same name but different capitalization will be combined in one unit.

If you can't remember if a unit is available for a card, use search. Type in the name of the unit, and a selection of shortlisted matches will be shown.

Customize cards on Boards and Lists. Image 5

Drag-and-drop units to the card template

Units fit into available space in single lines. You can also double-click on a unit and if there is available space it will be put there automatically.

When you start to drag-and-drop a unit the available space will be highlighted with dots lines. It is also possible to put a unit between other units. If there is no available space you can remove any unit of a corresponding size with the help of the small "x" button or by double-clicking on the unit.

Drag-and-drop units to the card template

The changes are applied to cards in the View you are configuring immediately. No any other View is affected.

Customize columns in lists

Similarly to cards on Board view, you're welcome to customize columns in Lists.

Re-use customization settings

It is not possible to save or load settings of customized cards. However it is possible to clone a view with all customization settings preserved and build a new view using already existing design of cards. It is also possible to save an existing view as a template and then apply the saved template to your newly created view.

Extra units for cards and columns

Some units are missing for choice by default, but they can be added within extensions (Mashups).

Configure colors for cards

Highlighting cards on views using your own rules is available with Visual Encoding.

Customize cards for export

The export to CSV feature does not yet take Customize Cards settings into account.

Customize cards for print layout

You can customize the look and size of cards in a Print view. The Print cards option will print out all Cards of the L size on pages.

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