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Observer Role. Limited Access to Selected Projects

Sometimes you might have people, who actually do not work directly on the projects, but assume a management or observer role. You may want to grant a limited view-only or view-and-comment-only access to your projects to the latter, so that they would not be allowed to make any changes.

The Observer user type is a good option, when you want to quickly grant a view-only access to all Targetprocess data (i.e. Projects, Teams and all work items inside) to a user without having the user being added to membership lists explicitly. To provide a limited access to selected Projects only, we recommend to introduce Observer (Viewer) Role instead.

Follow the solution step-by-step:

  1. Create a Role named Observer (Viewer) with limited (view-only or view-and-comment-only) access permissions.
  2. Switch account type for a user into regular User mode instead of Observer mode.
  3. Assign the Observer (Viewer) Role as Default Role for a user so that the role will be set in all new assignments to project and team membership lists.
  4. Assign the user to all Projects and Teams with Observer (Viewer) Role.

Create an Observer (Viewer) role

  1. Login to Targetprocess as Administrator
  2. Go to Settings → Roles
  3. Add a new Role, give it a name Observer
  4. Deselect all checkboxes that permit Add/Edit and Delete actions for this Role and leave selections for the ones you actually need - for instance, "Add Comment" for view-and-comment-only mode:
    Targetprocess Image
  5. Save the Role

Assign the Role as default one for a User

It is possible to see currently selected Default Role for a user on his or her detailed view, on Account Settings tab. How to access it: Personal Account Settings.

Switch account type for a user into User mode

It is possible to see currently selected type for a user on his or her detailed view, on Account Settings tab. How to access it: Personal Account Settings.

Assign a User to a Project with Observer (Viewer) role

  1. Open your Project details page, go to the People tab. Add the user there and select the Observer Role for this user:
    Targetprocess Image
  2. You may alternatively do the same in the Projects & Teams tab on the User detailed view:
    Targetprocess Image
  3. Repeat steps 1 or 2 for each Project / Team and each Person you would like to grant the limited access to.

Now the person has limited access to Projects and Teams he or she is assigned to.

Access to Views

Project and Team membership affects Views available for a user in left menu. However the role does not affect permissions for Views management.

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