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Basic actions with cards and lanes

Adding a card using the large green "+Add" button on the top left.

How do I attach an existing Bug to a User Story so that it appears under its Bugs tab? When testing a story, it is easy to add a new bug that will appear under the Bugs tab for the

How do I attach an existing User Story to a Feature so that it appears under its User Stories tab? It is easy to add a new user story, but there is no lookup function for existing stories there. Please assign stories to features from

Using the green in-view [+] buttons to add lanes and cards. Why the green [+] buttons are not available sometimes.

Using double-click to open an expanded card view and/or edit the info on the card.
Double-clicking ID's to expand lanes.

Using drag & drop for batch actions.

Sorting cards by Rank to prioritize work. The other sorting options for cards and lanes.

Prioritization is a common task for a Project Manager or Product Owner. It establishes an execution order in which the team should implement stories and fix bugs. To prioritize entities, managers reorder them using drag and drop on views. It is

Emoji in left menu Have you ever had problems sorting through all the boards and views in the left menu?  Us too. It can definitely get cluttered in there, especially when the menu is minimized and only showing

"Copy link" action was named as "Share link" till Targetprocess v.3.12.7. You can send links to the detailed views quickly with a predefined format: [url]/entity/[id]-[name] For example, this link points to the User Story "Copy link from context