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Owners of Entities

Ownership is granted to the User that creates an entity. When an entity is created, its Owner field is populated with a reference to the creator user.

Permissions of Owners

Owners can always edit and delete their own entities, even when their role does not have permissions to modify entities of this type.

Owner should be a Project Member in order to get access to his or her entities in the Project.

More information: Permissions for Access to Work Items.

Owners of Projects can:

  • Change all details of the Project entity
  • Manage the list of People assigned to the Project: assign and unassign users, change their roles
  • Manage the list of Teams assigned to the Project: assign and unassign teams

Who can change Owners and how

The user in the Owner field can be changed. Administrators can always change owners of entities.

Other users can do it if their project role has the Can change owner permission. Add and edit permissions for the related entity type are also required for these users.


To change Owner for an entity, open its detailed view. In Info panel, select a new user in the dropdown in Owner field.

Batch action for change Owner field is also there. On board views with Owner selected as a lane it is possible to change Owner for your cards with drag and drop action. It is the only supported method to change Owner for multiple entities while Owner option is missing in Batch Actions panel.

Starting from v3.11.5+ it is now possible to edit Owner when it is displayed as a column in Lists.

Owners and Notifications

Owner is one of the options for email notifications. By selecting the Owner checkbox, the owner of the entity will receive a notification triggered by a selected event.

It is possible to configure scripts for automatic subscription of Owners as Followers.

Owners on Cards

Owners are displayed on cards with the crown icon on their profile picture. Use the Customize Cards feature to add Owner units to cards in your view.

Owners on Cards

Units with the full name of entity owner can be enabled within Custom Unit Owner Full Name Mashup.

Owner as a Lane

Available in Targetprocess v3.9.3+

We’ve added the possibility to include an Owner lane when setting up a view. This means you can now build views that group entities by the person who created them.

Owner as a Lane

Drag and drop on board views is the only supported method to change the Owner of a Team.

Owners in lanes are filtered by the projects and teams currently selected.

Filters by Owner

General entities, Comments, and Attachments can be filtered in views and visual reports by Owner using syntax and properties supported for filtering by User entity.

Any?Owner is Meentities owned by you
Any?Owner is 'Dubakov'entities owned by user with last name Dubakov
Any?Owner.Name is 'Michael'entities owned by user with first name Michael

Time entities do not have an Owner field. Use the User field instead.

It is also possible to filter entities by assigned user: Filters for personal Assignments.

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