3 months ago

Visual Reports: Dynamic Annotations, Chart Data tab, Clone reports, and other improvements

Dynamic Annotations

Our latest release allows you to create dynamic annotations in our Visual Reports Editor. You can also use a subset of numeric calculations when creating annotations with in-chart data. We have added the Process Control by Lead and Cycle templates to demonstrate how this can be used.


The following math and statistical functions are available for numeric annotations:

SUM(numerical expression)

Returns the sum of a series of numbers.

AVG(numerical expression)

Returns the average of a series of numbers.

MIN(numerical expression)

Returns the minimum of a series of numbers.

MAX(numerical expression)

Returns the maximum of a series of numbers.

MEDIAN(numerical expression)

Returns the number in the middle of a set of numbers.

STDEV(numerical expression)

Estimates standard deviation based on a sample. The standard deviation is a measure of how widely values are dispersed from the average value (the mean).

Chart Data Tab

Aggregations of chart data results are now available via the Chart Data tab. This tab is accessible through view and edit mode. We've also added the ability to export chart data to a CSV from this tab.


Clone Report

The "Clone" action has also been added to the Visual Reports actions menu. Please note: This means the tab "Create a report from existing reports" is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.


Visual Report Editor Improvements

Drag and drop of fields has been improved. We've also made it possible to change the order of fields in an axis.


3 months ago

Targetprocess for Android | Releases 2.14, 2.15: Owned by Me, Activity tab

Owned by Me

We assume that you mostly use the Targetprocess mobile app during those times when it's not convenient to use your laptop or PC. Let's say you just want to quickly add some cards. It's as easy as it gets with our "Add" tab. But how can you quickly find these cards later? From now on, you can easily find entities you have created at the “Me tab." Just tap "Owned by Me" to see all of these entities grouped by state.
Owned by me

Activity tab

Thanks to your survey responses, we'll now be adding the ability to see recent updates to entities, such as state changes and comments. To this end, we have changed the “Notifications” tab. It has been renamed as “Activity”, and now includes two sections: “Notifications” and “Recent Updates”. No changes have been made to the “Notifications” list itself; this tab still shows the notifications you're used to. The “Recent Updates” tab will list the following updates: changes to Name, State, Description, Severity, Priority, Release, Iteration, and Team Iteration fields, as well as new Comments.

If you have any suggestions for additions or changes, please speak up. We'll appreciate any feedback.

Recent updates

Other useful features:

  • Added support for Single Sign-On access via ADFS.
  • An “Eye” icon for hidden views, and a 3-level folder hierarchy in the left menu
  • Collapse/Expand for groups of entities is now available in long lists
  • Descriptions created in markdown will look much better than before
  • Added the ability to sort Search results by Relevance or Creation Date
  • For devices on Android Oreo: Each type of notification can be individually switched ON/OFF from device settings

We want to make it easier for you to get things done using our app. We're always improving, and we're always open to suggestions. Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas via the Feedback form in the app’s "Me" tab, or e-mail us at

3 months ago

Targetprocess for iOS | Releases 4.1, 4.2: Search v2, Time History

During the last two months, we've been focused on two major features and a bunch of small enhancements for our iOS app.

Search Version 2

As you may have noticed, a new Search engine has been released on our main web application. It generates better results than the previous engine, and provides more options for filtering. This search engine is now available for our iOS app. It's easy to search for work items on-the-go, filter the results by entity type or entity state, and sort them by Relevance or Creation date.

Search V2Search V2 sort

Time History

Finally, Time History records have been added to our mobile app! You can navigate to an entity's Time History by tapping its 'History' link. Time records that have been added to the entity are shown in a handy table right in the app. You can easily review, post, and edit records from Time History. To edit a time record, just hold your finger down on it (long tap), and select the “Edit Time” option.
Time History

Small, but useful improvements.

  • Our mobile client now supports ADFS SSO.
  • If your board consists of only one column, the app will show it in paging mode by default.
  • There's no need to repeat entity type selections when adding multiple items, because the system will remember for you! The last added entity type and Project will now be saved on the Add tab after entity creation.
  • Negative values can now be added to Number and Money Custom Fields.
  • System Custom Fields now are read-only (because only metrics should affect these fields)

We appreciate any feedback from you. Please, use the Feedback form in the app’s "Me" tab, or send a message to We'd love to chat.

Click here to download the iOS app.