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Getting Started with the Solutions Gallery

Targetprocess 3 is based on the concept of creating custom views to see your data in different ways and from different perspectives. When you first start using Targetprocess, you might not completely know the system or fully understand how to wield its capabilities.  The wide variety of options can make it a little tricky for new users to create the perfect set of views for their teams.

To help you get started, we designed the Solutions Gallery, a place where you can find different solutions - or collections of views - to satisfy a particular use case. The solution which best fits your requirements can be applied to your Targetprocess account with just one click. For example, if you would like to get started with Kanban, just pick our Kanban solution and its set of views will be created.  Of course, the  Solutions Gallery isn’t for just Kanban: there are many more solutions in the gallery that have been designed for Scrum, Test Management, Support, People Allocations and Portfolio Management - with more to come in the future!

Get started with Solutions Gallery

To browse the Solutions Gallery, click on the “+ Create” button at the bottom of the left menu in Targetprocess and then select “Browse Solutions Gallery."

Note: If you use Targetprocess on-site, you may need to install the Solutions Gallery from the Mashups Library. More details are available here.

Get started with Solutions Gallery

On the left side of the Solutions Gallery you’ll find a menu with the available solutions. From here you can also use the search box to filter for a specific solution or to find a specific view.

On the right side you see the details of the selected solution, including a description and the thumbnails for its set of views.


Solutions Gallery Screenshot

How to add solutions and views

To add a full solution to your Targetprocess instance, click on the big green “Try the solution” button. This will create a private folder with the name of the solution and place all of its views within the folder in your Targetprocess account.

Getting Started with the Solutions Gallery. Image 3

Some solutions and views may have prerequisites, specific requirements which must be satisfied to ensure the solution or view will work correctly. You can check them by clicking on the “Prerequisites” link in the upper right corner of the solution details window.

If you don’t need all the views within a solution, you can install a single view. Each view’s details are available if you click on the view’s thumbnail. Within the view’s details window, you can find what this specific view has been designed for, what the view will look like when applied, information about its configuration, and some other possible variations of the view.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 01.14.47


To add a view to your Targetprocess account, click the big green “Try the view” button in the upper right corner of the view details window.

Note: Please keep in mind that the solutions and views in the gallery are just examples of how your Targetprocess can be configured. You can easily change any view settings, add/remove specific views, rename, and reorder them later.

Missing anything?

If you have a feeling that there's a solution that could be added to the Solutions Gallery, or if you have an idea about a specific view within a solution, please feel free to contact us. There is a feedback form accessible from the Solutions Gallery that you can use to submit this feedback. You can find it in the bottom-left of the solutions window.

Solutions Suggestions Button


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